How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile


There is a huge population of people who just stalk in your profile. They enjoy it a lot. Nevertheless, it is their favourite pastime. By the same token, there are people who love to see who visited their profile. Not only because of ego boost you must identify them. It is a question of self protection.

Nevertheless, if Facebook controls their privacy everyone loves it. By the same token, a question arises. Is it possible to identify the stalkers? How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Simultaneously in the past, this feature was not available. It is due to the fact of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Nevertheless, their acquisitions relate to data thefts and privacy related queries. Accordingly, Facebook now allows you to have a look at who viewed your profile.

Notwithstanding the answer is YES! You can now identify the stalkers. In this post, we will guide you about various ways to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile on Mobile

Are you an IOS Android user? If yes do not worry. Nevertheless, we will guide every step in detail. So follow these steps and identify the stalkers

Are you an IOS Android user? If yes do not worry. We will guide every step in detail. So follow these steps and identify the stalkers. 

  1. Sign in to your personal Facebook account.
  2. Tap on the main drop down menu.
  3. Accordingly, navigate to the option Privacy Shortcuts.
  4. Nevertheless, select the option “Who viewed my profile“ 

How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile on Desktop

This is a part that is a little time consuming. Below we will guide you to identify the stalker from your PC. 

  1. Go to your Facebook timeline page. Moreover, you can access it on any browser of your system.
  2. Nevertheless, allow some time for the page to load
  3. By the same token, when loaded select the option view page source 
  4. Alternately, you use a keyboard shortcut CTRL+U. Above all, you will notice a new tab naming page source will open.
  5. Combine the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F. This will open the search box.
  6. Nevertheless, it will open HTML source code. 
  7. By the same token, copy paste BUDDY_ID and press the Enter key
  8. As a matter of fact, you will many people who stalked your profile.
  9. By the same token, copy the profile id
  10. Open and paste the ID there.
  11. In conclusion, the result is the ones who visited your profile. 
  12. Kindly keep the account logged in when tasking. 

In conclusion that is all how to see who viewed your profile. Nevertheless has just added this unique feature to the IOS app. By the same token, Andriod may face some problems now. But in the future, they will launch it for Andriod too. you can use your leisure time to check whether someone is visiting your profile or not. Nevertheless, it makes a guy aware of something fraud.

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