Top 10 Blogs About Moving To Australia


Australia is still very much the top destination for British expats, drawn by the laid back lifestyle and idyllic landscape and climate. For those considering making the move, blogs are a great way of getting first-hand information of what expat life down under is really like. Here is our round up of the top ten blogs about moving to Australia:

Bob in Oz

When Bob moved to Australia from the UK with his wife and young daughter seven years ago, he decided to create a blog to help Brits research what a new life down under was really like. Bob in Oz is packed with information, from how to get a visa to where to live.

Dorky Mum

This well written, award winning blog is written by Ruth Dawkins, a Scot now living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has some great words of wisdom on parenting and education away from your ‘home country’ and laying down roots as an expat.

Mum’s Gone 2 Aus

Aimed at parents considering emigration, Mum’s gone 2 Aus gives honest, helpful advice about how to plan and execute your move with minimal stress on you or your family. As well as practical information, it gives case stories and guidance on dealing with the emotional journey of moving abroad.

Keys Down Under

Aubree Keys and her husband, Zack, moved from Colorado to Melbourne in 2011 and documented their adventure with plenty of practical advice, peppered with amusing anecdotes about making the most of life in Oz.

Diary of a Yorkshire Expat

This blog offers a full and funny account of a country loving Yorkshireman’s attempt to acclimatise to urban life in Sydney. Fran has clearly fallen in love with his new home and has great tips for local restaurants, pubs and trips.

Chronicles of a Trailing Spouse

Claire is an Irish mother of five who has travelled the world with her family including a lengthy period in Western Australia, well documented in her candid, irreverent blog. Parenthood, food and culture feature heavily as she details her own experiences of living in a more rural part of the country.

Between Roots and Wings

Originally from the US, Cristin and her husband have lived in Sydney for four years and are now fully immersed in Aussie culture. The blog is packed with helpful information and fun observations about the quirks of living down under.

Tom and Katie Down Under

During their 5 years in Melbourne, British couple Tom and Katie blogged their way through their expat journey from flat hunting and making friends to gaining long-term visas and even having a baby. This warm, insightful blog also boasts some beautiful photography of their adventures and exploits.

On a Southern Breeze

Mandy and Drew moved from Colorado to Canberra in 2011 and have studiously blogged every trial and triumph as they settled into their new home including the inevitable culture shock.

In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

Russell has now lived in Sydney’s northern beaches for several years and his blog follows his quest for a simpler, healthier, more out-of-doors lifestyle. He is open and honest about the pitfalls and hitches faced by many expats.

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