4 Benefits of Washing Your Car with Snow Foam


If your current car cleaning kit just isn’t achieving the results and shine you want for your vehicle, it might be time to add a snow foam product to your car cleaning repertoire. When combined with other conventional car cleaning products, foam products for vehicles can help you achieve an even greater level of shine and detail. This article will go over four fantastic benefits of washing your car with snow foam.

Easier to Remove Dirt and Contaminants

Removing dirt and grime from your vehicle using the traditional wash mitt method can be hard work, to say the least. It’s also likely that you’ll miss some spots of dirt and debris when attempting to clean your car manually, leading to frustrating results.

Coating your vehicle in a thick layer of snow foam before rinsing will help to wash any dirt and contaminants away while also making it easy to see if there are any spots you might have missed initially.

Safer Car Washing

Attempting to remove particles from your vehicle’s paint manually using a wash mitt can potentially cause damage. Contaminants that have settled and bonded to the surface of your vehicle will be harder to remove by hand and will likely lead to you using more aggressive pressure or abrasive cleaning products that may end up damaging your car’s paint.

Snow foam is a great way to achieve safer and more effective car washing results. Foam products dig into the contaminants trapped on a vehicle’s surface without stripping the paint, making them a much safer alternative to other car cleaning products.

Saves Time

If you already possess a pressure gun, the only other accessory you’ll need to use foam products is a foam lance attachment. Once you have your foam gun set up, applying a thick layer of snow foam to your car is a quick and easy process. The fast application process of the foam product itself will not only streamline application, but the way that foam products soften contaminants and make them easier to remove will also dramatically speed up the time it takes for you to clean your vehicle.

It’s also easier to achieve a swirl-free finish using foam products. This saves you the time and hassle of having to go back and wipe those annoying marks off of your vehicle after cleaning it.

Helps to Avoid Cross-Contamination

If you typically wash your vehicle using the conventional multiple bucket method, you will already be aware of how easy it is to cross-contaminate your cleaning products and accessories and potentially re-apply dirt to the vehicle instead of washing it off. While grit guards are helpful for keeping dirt at the bottom of your buckets, it’s not always easy to be aware when excess dirt particles do rise up if you’re distracted or in a rush. Applying snow foam to your vehicle means you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination, resulting in a safer and less damaging clean.

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