3 Basic Dart Games You Should Know


Dart games are a kind of projectile game, in which players throw darts at a dartboard. Dart games are popular in many countries and have different names in different regions. This article will introduce the basic types of Dart Games you should know.

Before knowing the types of dart games, take a look at the accessories that you need to play dart game.


A typical dartboard will have at least one segment featuring a bullseye (the highest scoring area). Other common types of segments include circles (which are worth 25 points), triangles (which are worth 20 points), and so on. Visit dartsonline.com.au to buy different collections of dart boards.

Dart Set:

A dart set is a set of darts that consists of three parts: a barrel, flights, and shafts. The barrel is the round grip at the end of the dart that holds the flight in place. The flights are thin pieces of plastic or feathers that sit on top of the barrel. They help to stabilize and guide the dart as it flies through the air. The shafts are long pieces of metal or wood that hold both ends of the flights in place.


A Dart Game Scoreboard is a scoring system for the game of darts. The scoreboard is usually placed on the wall behind the dartboard and displays what round the dart player is currently playing and how many points they have scored.

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Dart Mat:

A Dart Mat is a mat that is used for playing the game of darts. It’s a large, round, soft surface that can be rolled out onto any flat surface and it is usually covered with a heavy-duty vinyl. The dart mat provides a soft landing for the darts to fall on and it also helps to prevent damage to the floor.

Dart Sharpener:

A dart sharpener is a tool used to sharpen darts. It can be either a small handheld device or a larger machine.

The small handheld device is used to sharpen the points of metal darts. The larger machine is used for all types of darts, and it can also be used to repair broken points on any kind of dart.

Dart Cases and wallets:

A Dart Case is a small, lightweight, and portable case for carrying dart sets. It can also be used to store and carry other items that are small and lightweight.

3 Basic Types of Dart Games you should know

Dart is a game that has been around for centuries. It is easy to learn, but hard to master, and can be played by people of all ages. There are three basic types of dart games that you should know about: 301, Cricket, and Round the Clock.

301: This game is played with the standard dartboard and involves getting to zero points as fast as possible. You have to finish in fewer darts than your opponent (usually 501 or 301) to win.

Cricket: This game is played with a smaller dartboard with double areas on the outer ring in which players must score as many points as possible by hitting each section twice before hitting the inner area or “bullseye” once. The winner is determined by who has scored more points when

Round the Clock : To be the winner you have to hit all the numbers from 1-20 in sequence.

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